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Valious “Faith” Vocal Preset

If you want to sound professional like industry artists this is one of the best presets to go for!

* FLP included*
-FL STUDIO 20 and up-
* All stock plugins exept (Autotune Artist, Cla-2a, Cla-3a, C6 Stereo, Valhalla Reverb, Pro Q3 and Rde esser, S1 Imager Stereo, H-Delay, Fresh Air) You can replace them with your own autotune and reverb and others! I do recommend getting the other plugins for a crispy sound.
*Includes My Main vocals & Ad Lib vocals Effects*
for questions, instagram: @valious
– Lower your gain on main vocals
– Sing with confidence
– Search on YouTube: EQ sweep. try and remove all the bad frequencies from your vocals.
Reposting is not allowed
If you have any trouble with the plugin please dm me immidiatly.
If the file doesn’t work please check if you are on the right Fl Studio Version. (if you didn’t purchase Fl Studio and the file doesn’t work, that’s probably why)
Sometimes the autotune settings don’t load but i didnt change anything special
on valhalla put- chorus space – 4% – remove lows bottom right.
-no refund- (because i can’t let you delete the files)


Valious Vocal Mixing

Song Mixing by ValiousBeats
Vocal Mixing

Files i need to get started: SEND THIS TO THE EMAIL BELOW!

– Mp3 of your song (Without Mixing)
– Beat/instrumental (Wav or Mp3)
– Raw vocals + Adlibs (Render out your tracks)
More information:
1 revision (times you can send it back for redo)